Every great development starts with an idea, and there are very few developments that are alike.  Our experienced development team at Flint Hills Development Group, LLC is educated in creative financing solutions to compliment our foundation in residential, commercial or mixed-use projects. Our commitment to delivering an award-winning product drives our team to forecast potential hurdles and to ensure that the development process is smooth from inception to stabilization.  Although we have established a reputation for being experts in the industry in tax credit development, other opportunities have allowed us to expand our development portfolio.  Today, we have an abundance of mixed use, retail, food service, office and residential market rate projects in design and development stages. Tax credit developments will always be at the core of what we do, but finding viable ways to see increased returns on investment for our company and our investors will always be our primary objective.



Flint Hills Management Group, LLC was formed out of necessity.  All too often, FHDG would hand over an operational development to a third-party management company, and it became immediately apparent they did not share in our pride for the project.  To protect our assets and provide a quality of life for tenants, FHMG was formed to manage our development projects at a level that could not be found on the market.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and we are thrilled to offer a management service that we feel will keep our properties operational and cashflowing at the high-water mark we intended when make these promises to our investors, partners and municipalities.  Our FHMG and FHDG teams work hand-in-hand to maximize the potential for every development throughout the life cycle of a project.  This allows us to be proud to show off our work during the ribbon cutting ceremony, but equally as proud at the 10, 20 and 30-year anniversary.



Real Estate is a vast industry offering niche opportunities for those that seek them out.  Our unique standing as award-winning Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Developers as well as Historic Tax Credit Developers has positioned us to be leaders in the tax credit development market.  We offer our experiences from a consulting role as well as a full-service development company.  Our network and experiences have helped us to understand how to navigate all stages of the tax credit development process.  Creative financing solutions are often paramount to getting the funding, support and buy-in required of these developments.  Whatever vision you may hold for your city, neighborhood or property, we believe it is worth exploring and we are standing by ready to help.



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